• I live in Planet Earth.
  • My occupation is Existing.
  • I am Assuming Direct Control.
  • Rickomarow

    Victim: "W-WHO ARE YOU?!"

    Skyblack: "Simple...think of all the sins that exist in this world, like, ALL of them..."

    Victim: "..."

    Skyblack: Did you think about these sins?"

    Victim: "Y-Yes..."

    Skyblack: "Wonderful! Now look at you see any difference between me and these sins? Well...I don't..."

    My creation needs information, right?

    So here's more info about the protagonist of the Breath series, Skyblack!

    How he was created? How was his life before the series?

    Skyblack's theme song:

    Skyblack appeared in my mind WAY before I came to the Spinpasta Wiki, I imagined him as a goofy and clumsy pony in MLP, however, good-hearted and creative!

    But, after I noticed it was my chance to show him to to the world, …

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