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aka Pawsy Lil' Seiko

  • I live in in my own little world. ;3
  • I was born on December 3
  • My occupation is being cuter than you. :P
  • I am Female
  • Princess Callie

    Finally it's done... IT'S FINALLY DONE! And it appears the favicon might be all good too. To me. I'm not real sure but I can see it.

    Anyways, every badge in the wiki has now been exchanged for something more adaptive, and less boring, to this wiki. Now, ONTO THE WORDMARK. Just let me find a bloody MLP logo (or make one) and add the words "Pasta Wiki" to it, and we'll be all good!

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  • Princess Callie

    First Blog Posts...

    October 26, 2013 by Princess Callie

    6 days in, and I've finally managed to stop building this wiki and editing on SP for long enough to write a blog post here.

    Tbh, I'm a little surprised. Only 6 days, and there are 66 pages on the wiki. That's eleven pages a day! I hope the wiki keeps growing this fast...

    Right now, all we need are people, and pages. People and pages, that's it. Well, that and badge graphics, a working favicon, and a graphic wordmark to get rid of the boring text. But mainly, people, and pages. So (yes I'm broadcasting again) if you know anypony who is interested or looking for a wiki like this, feel free to ask them to check this one out (or forcefully drag them over)!

    Anything else? Rules? No, we have enough of those. (For now) Admins? Again, for now we haveā€¦

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